• cmholdsworth

Bedding into Bags - Exhibit

Bedding into bags upcycles two duvet covers into seven new bags. Each one has a different design and purpose. The same sewing techniques reproduced in different combinations. Sewing skills are advanced through repetition in difference. Reworking the duvets requires different new materials, tools, and time.

New materials: foam interlining, zips, threads, fasteners, interfacing, webbing, rings, piping, bias binding, tape, canvas material, and buckles

Tools: sewing machine, iron, pins, hand sewing needles, machine needles, needle threader, bobbins, small scissors, sewing shears, paper scissors, quick unpick, 12- inch ruler, quilt ruler, rotary cutter, tailors’ chalk, chalk pen, friction pen, fabric clips, screwdriver, plyers, pencil, and pattern paper

Time to design, calculate, hesitate, undo, redo, double check, organise, and eventually sew.

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