I started memorial remaking after my father’s death in April 2020. My father loved clothes and I was inspired to remake some of his things into new items and memories for my family. Since 2020 I have carried on making items for friends that capture different family relationships. I write about the things I make on my blog.

Map of India

Made in memory of a friend’s father who was born in Patna, India. Made from his shirt, ties, dressing gown and pyjamas. The map is my own design.

map of india.jpg


A memorial cat for my daughter, made from dad’s waistcoat, shirt and Liberal Democrat tie. Pattern from Angelea designs.


Remembering Dad

My first memorial items; a hat and bag for my sister remade from dad’s Harris tweed jacket. The hat pattern is my own, the bag is adapted from one in the Charlie’s Aunt pattern collection designed by Emma Brennan.


Pot Banks

Fabric picture of a North Staffordshire landscape made for my Mum and Aunt from dad’s shirts and ties. The Potbank shapes are inspired by Shelley Jayne Illustrations.