Threading time is all about time and fabric craft. On these pages I write about the things I have made using preloved or unwanted clothing and textiles. I specialise in memorial and creative remaking to make new items out of loved one’s clothing.


I started memorial remaking after the death of my father in April 2020. For me, the experience of remaking items from my father’s clothing was uplifting. Writing about how I make things can hopefully inspire others to creatively remake fabric.  Threading time details how I use remaking as a way of keeping busy during grief and caring for others.

Remaking preloved clothing and fabric is inspired by the writings of the anthropologist Tim Ingold. Tim writes that making should be done forwards, not backwards. This means that rather working backwards from the goal of making a particular product, I start with the intention of what can be made from preloved fabric. Remaking used fabric in this way requires combining it with new materials and I write about how new and old are weaved together in the process of remaking.

Threading time is written and made by Clare Holdsworth. I am an amateur sewer and academic researcher working at Keele University, UK. Threading time ties together my enthusiasm for remaking and my professional fascination with time and keeping busy. My study of busyness is supported by a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship 2018-2021.

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